Save Yourself Against Hacks

How to Save Yourself against Hacking?

I suggest you use NoScrpt addon to browse safely browse orkut and remove all unwanted addon inorder to ensure the safety of your account Also install a powerful antivirus and scan your system once. In this case i recomond you to use norton and spyware doctor which comes as a part of our google pack for the safety of your account

~Do 1st ~

[1] Change your Google Account Password regulalrly and never reuse that again in future.
[2] Always sign out when you've finished reading your mail and only select Remember me option if you're signing in from a personal computer.
[3] Clear forms, passwords, cache, and cookies in your browser on a regular basis - especially on a public computer.
[4] Keep secrets! Never tell anyone your password, or your secret question and answer; if you do tell someone, change it as soon as possible .

~ Do Never ~

[1] Do not run any script while orkutting .
[2] Do not click any unknown link on orkut.
[3] Do not post ORKUT-SCRAPS from outside ORKUT. (e.g.: | |
[4] Do not use other sites to access ORKUT or GMAIL. (e.g.: |

Learn about protecting your profile here =>

I advise you not to run javascripts or log in to third party sites to scrap all your friends or to increase your scrap count.

What can I do If my profile is hacked?

Take a look on this page select appropriate option from this page which will guide you!!!

If your account has been taken over by means of phishing then go to support page over here and fill the form


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