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Video tutorials for Java--Best academics POST

Course Introduction (03:13)
What is Java? (05:43)
What You Will Need (04:08)
A Few Important Words (03:33)
The Command Line Installation (05:30)
Course Overview (04:09)

Two Programs Named Howdy
The Source Code of Howdy (05:20)
Compiling and Running Howdy (02:58)
The Source Code of a Howdy Window (04:04)
Compiling and Running Howdy Window (02:24)
Adding Exits to Howdy Window (03:24)

Drawing Text in a Window
Font Anatomy (04:02)
Positioning Text Version pt. 1 (05:28)
Positioning Text Version pt. 2 (06:06)
Positioning Text Version pt. 3 (04:34)
Garbage Collection (03:47)
Selecting Fonts (05:33)
Selecting Colors (07:02)

A Few Language Fundamentals
The Arithmetic Data Types (06:03)
More Fundamental Data Types (03:42)
Operators (06:39)
The String Class (06:05)
Arrays (03:28)
If and Conditionals (04:53)
Looping (05:19)
Listing Fonts (03:44)

Classes, Data, and Access
Methods/Arguments/Returns (03:30)
Fundamental Inheritance (05:50)
The Sun Documentation (07:52)
The Creation of an Object (04:00)
More About Constructors (03:52)
Access (04:58)

Drawing and Painting
Drawing Rectangles (03:54)
Filling Rectangles (03:49)
Drawing and Filling Circles (03:36)
The Rounded Rectangle (05:53)
Drawing and Filling Arcs (04:34)
Inventing a Shape of Your Own (04:26)
Rectangle with a Beveled Edge (06:10)
Simple Color Shading (03:57)
The Checkerboard and Shading Problems (05:26)
Two Checkerboard and Shading Solutions (06:32)

Graphic Files
Loading a Graphic File from Disk (05:03)
Displaying a Graphic Image (04:52)
Loading a Graphic File from the Internet (04:07)
Scaling Images (04:26)
Drawing in Memory (05:00)
Picture Checkerboard Problem (03:16)
Picture Checkerboard Solution (04:40)
Simple Animation Threads (04:43)
A Simple Thread Example (04:33)
A Simple Animation (06:46)
Overcoming the Flicker Problem (05:01)
Pong Program One (05:56)
Pong Program Two (06:46)
The Switch and Case Statement (05:21)
The Doomed Vessel (05:39)

Introduction to Applets
Applet Fundmentals (05:50)
The Constructor and Init (05:10)
An Applet is a Creature of the Internet (03:57)
Creating a Production Applet (04:40)
Animated Applet Structure (03:51)
One Bouncing Ball (05:53)
Random (04:05)
One Hundred Bouncing Balls (06:38)
The Autumn Leaves Applet (07:10)

Responding to the Mouse
Java Interfaces (07:20)
A Simple Mouse Clicker (04:59)
Moving an Object in a Window (03:53)
Dragging an Object in a Window (05:43)
Dragging a Returning Object in a Window (03:54)

Components and the AWT (04:36)
Placing Buttons in Panel (04:43)
Listening to Buttons in a Panel (03:56)
Poking Text into a Label (03:53)
A Choice is for Making a Selection (04:59)
A List is for Making a Selections (06:28)
A Text Field is for Typing (05:23)
Toggles Turn On and Off (05:59)

Placing Components in a Window
Containers and Layout Managers (05:52)
The Border Layout Manager (04:28)
The Grid Layout Manager (03:40)
The GridBag Layout Manager pt. 1 (04:58)
The GridBag Layout Manager pt. 2 (04:12)
The Card Layout Manager (04:25)
The XY Layout Manager (06:55)

Dialogs and Menus
A Non-Modal Dialog (03:47)
A Modal Dialog (05:10)
A Messaging Dialog (07:25)
A Menu on a Frame (06:58)

Wrap Up
Command Line Options for Javac (05:18)
Command Line Options for Java (04:55)



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